Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cheap Cheap Cheap

There are lots of ways to find cheap stuff on the internet. Some of the websites specializing in new bargains are well known and some are a bit more obscure. Here are some I use all the time...

Froogle (go to and click on the froogle link). They have everything. Not always the lowest price and not always helpful. But not a bad first place to shop.
Woot! Woot! more like shopping in a game show than a quickiemart. They have just one item till they're sold out. It could be an inflatable chair. Foot warmer. Toy Rocket. Stereos... Almost always an exceptional deal. And their product descriptions are just hilarious. has some of the best deals. They list just a few exceptional deals every day.
Mostly Tech - electronics - computer stuff:
Fatwallet has a hot deals forum where people post the best deals they've found. Some of the best deals ever are here. My favorite deals forum. Also, they allow posting of coupons. Manufacturers and advertisers don't like that so a lot of sites don't allow um.
techbargains is a catchall techbargains listing updated constantly and really good for finding the best coupons or deals from the big chains like Staples and Best Buy. Always a good place to look when you're shopping for that special... well really when you're shopping for yourself.


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