Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Do Not Install Firefox 1.5 (Yet...)

I went ahead and updated my Firefox browser to 1.5. Java apps won't load anymore! I Googled for Java problems and apparently several people had trouble with the release candidates. Re-installing/updating everything didn't help. It's probably not compatible with some other extensions.
If you don't care, everything else seems to work well. But I need Java! I hope they fix this soon. I know it's not happening to everybody there would be a lot of noise about it.
UPDATE: This is only happening to people who are using the AdBlock extension (which is pretty much the most popular extension - and my favorite). Somewhere out there on the net is another extension called Adblock Plus that's supposed to fix the Java problem. I think I'll just wait till they fix the old Adblock so I don't lose my filters. Disabling the adblock extension and re-starting Firefox does allow Java to run. The Firefox Folk recommend getting the new Java in any case; You can get it at
UPDATE2: It turns out you can export your adblock filters, uninstall adblock, install adblock plus, then re-import the filters tools>adblock>preferences. Works! I'm Firefoxing 1.5'ing and adblocking (and Java-ing) all at once! The way God meant browsing to be.


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