Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tips for buying New Tile for remodeling

Number One Tip for Buying floor and counter Tile:
MAKE SURE IT's IN STOCK! Sometimes the salesperson will tell you they can get it in a few days - or even 24 hours. If they don't have everything you need in stock don't buy it. You may need more and you'll wait (and the wait may be much longer than they say). You will need finish pieces (like the bullnose pieces with a rounded edge - and corner pices). Those may take even longer to get.
If the tiles aren't in stock and local, it's not worth it.
Number Two Tip:
Figure out what kind of finish pieces you need (as well as you can) and make sure they're available in the tile you picked.
Every tile has basic bullnose and corners (or nearly every tile). But you may need other pieces like "radius" or "v-cap" or cove moulding for where the floor meets the wall - and even corner cove pieces. Each different tile will have different finish pieces available. Find out what's available for your tile and make sure what you need is in stock and local.
Number 3 Tip:
Measure your counter, floor, stairs or whatever. Figure out how many tiles you will need in standard sizes (12x12" or 13x13" for floors for example). You can waste a ton of tile if your space is, say 25" wide and you get 12x12 tile. You'll waste lots and add cuts filling in that inch.
Number 4 Tip: Different tile has different roughness. Some tile is legal to use on stairs and other places where slip is an issue. Obviously you won't want a high polish tile there. Make sure the tile you buy is OK for the code for your use if it's for a floor area, stairs, entryway etc.
All tips learned the hardway. I hope it's easier for you!


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