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Part 27 on a Glock is the Controversial "slide stop lever"

Part 27 on a Glock (17, 19, 22, 23 and other integers) is the "slide stop lever"

It looks like a little rectangular button about an inch and a half behind the slide release thingies you pull down when you're taking the slide off the gun.

I never saw anyone use it in videos or at the gun shop.  Yet, it's one of the very few controls on the gun so you'd think it is important.

Googling "slide stop lever glock instructions", it turns out it's a little controversial.  

The uncontroversial use is to hold the slide open when there's no magazine in the gun (when you're working on it or for no reason whatsoever).

You pull the slide back and push up the slide stop lever - and (surprise) - the slide stops.  It stays open.  If there's a magazine in the gun it just stays open with no thumbing of a lever required.

But Part 27 The Slide Stop Lever can also be used to chamber the first bullet when you put in a fresh magazine (The slide is held open after firing the last bullet.  The method you always see and just about everyone uses is to put in a new magazine and pull the slide back and let it go - aka "the slingshot method").   In general people prefer the slingshot, but here's what the manual says:

  After the last round has been fired, the slide remains open. Remove the empty magazine from
the weapon by pushing the magazine catch (19). Insert a new magazine and then either push
the slide stop lever (27) downwards (see photo), or pull the slide slightly backwards and allow it
to spring forwards
. The weapon is now again secured and ready to fire.

The weird part is that this is controversial.  For some reason people think you shouldn't use the slide stop lever to release the slide.  There are a number of specious reasons given.   I think the truth is that all pistols can be operated via the slingshot method, but the slide stop lever is specific to Glock and a few other guns.  So gun people are used to the slingshot and just think it's how God meant the gun to be operated.

You can use it to hold the slide open when you have no magazine in the gun with the slide stop lever, but it's pretty hard to push it down to release the slide without pulling the slide back to relieve the friction.  You can do it though.
If it's that hard to do with bullets in the gun (haven't tried it) then I understand why people don't like it -- and why there are after market extended  levers - including one from Glock -  so you can get a little more force on it.

And that's the Saga of the Slide Stop Lever, Part 27.
There are 32 + parts in the naked Glock.  this has been the story of one of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part of the reason it is difficult to release the slide using the slide stop lever with an empty magazine is because the slide stop lever must depress the magazine follower. Without the magazine or with a loaded magazine would be the same.

9/12/2012 7:54 PM  

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