Thursday, January 04, 2007

Angry Money

Watch Mad Money on CNBC! BUY THE BOOK! Or not.
Do you really want your money to be mad (at you?).
The Cramer Mad Money show on CNBC is fun and loud and even has some good information. Unfortunately it's got bad info mixed in there and it isn't always easy to tell the difference. Don't trust every number you hear and, as Cramer always says "do the homework."
The best part of the show are Cramer's insights into particular favorite stocks he usually discusses at the top of the show or towards the end (after the goofy off the cuff lightning round). He's an original thinker and he comes up with great angles on how a stock might grow that isn't necessarily the main thrust of the company. For example, he loves Allergen for the vanity and aging market because they make some wrinkle smoothing stuff. But even the CEO tried to tell Cramer their main business is optical (e.g. contact lens solution). But Cramer shut him down cause that wasn't fun. Yet the contact lens stuff might turn out to be the growth area for them because their big competitor Bausch & Lomb is collapsing.
Cramer gives you a story - backed up by some numbers. Just be wary. They may not be the story -- or even the real numbers...


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