Monday, October 12, 2015

Block Ads Inside Quickbooks 2014 and later

This is a nifty fix I just figured out myself.   Stop those annoying ads inside Quickbooks!

This will probably only work in Quickbooks Pro 2014 (and probably later, but I haven't tested it).

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!  This is NOT an Intuit/Quickbooks approved procedure, so if you do this, it's on you. 

If you right click on one of the ads (e.g. lower left under your shortcuts/balances window), you'll see an option for properties and will see that the ad is just a webpage:

(for example).   You can even see the ad by pasting that URL inside any web browser.  I always thought that the new (2014/later) Quickbooks interface looked like a poorly integrated web browser window and this shows that's all it is.

It's just an Internet Explorer window embedded in Quickbooks. 
Warning:  Typically you can block particular websites by blocking your windows HOSTS file.  This is a bad idea here because Quicken uses the same URL for downloading other product related marketing data (e.g. before an online banking connection).  So blocking the site in the HOSTS file will give an error.

Another method which isn't quite as complete, but does help is to use your Internet Explorer options.   This will vary depending on which version of explorer you're using.
Your object is to block the page:

So you can google about how to do that.  I found it in my IE 11 under Tools (Gear Icon, upper right), "Internet Options" - SECURITY tab, "RESTRICTED SITES" icon -> SITES button.
Then just add the above URL to restricted sites.

Then when you next open Quickbooks the ad may show that the content was unavailable.
This should not only hide the annoying Quickbooks promos but make Quickbooks open a bit faster.  It won't wait for internet pages to load.

I haven't had any problems so far, but if you do, just remove the URL from the restricted sites area.


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