Sunday, January 28, 2007

DO NOT nuke your Sponges! (!)

Do Not Nuke (microwave) your sponges to disinfect them. There are better ways.
1. You might burn down your house
2. Your microwave will stink.
I've had direct experience with the smelly microwave repercussion. Do you really want your microwave to smell like eau d' kitchen sponge? I ultimately had to toss an otherwise perfectly good Sharp microwave. Everything I cooked had that sour moldy odor.
Also, fire departments around the world are reporting kitchen fires from people nuking dry sponges. You need some dampness or the damned undamp things will can ignite (and that smells REALLY bad).
So buy new sponges. They're cheap.
OR, I've found that just using some bleach type cleaner (like Ajax)to clean the sink once a week does a perfectly good job of sterilizing the sponge.


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